Recently, a lot of players have noticed that Escape from Tarkov is no longer friendly to people who trade for real money, as items they can't find in raids will be deleted when dropped. Players have to spend time and effort in the game Farm EFT Roubles themselves. Things start unrest in the community. Battlestate Games is able to fight real money transactions (RMT)

How does Battlestate Games fight RMT?

Usually, we buy items in online stores that have no FIR property and can be dropped directly from the stash,
The mechanics of Combat RMT trading will deter hackers and other groups working to make money this way, and players will no longer be able to drop some items not found in raids.

Official Patch Notes

Fix list:

Scavs, Raiders and Rogues are no longer aggressive to Player Scavs if they kill a PMC;
Fixed possible breach of rain animations inside buildings on Customs, Reserve, Shoreline and Lighthouse;
Fixed one of the possible reasons of missing of visual and sound effects of grenades explosions;
Fixed the behavior of Raiders when one of them is killed by a Player;
Fixed the Reshala’s logic of medicine usage;
Fixed the reaction of bots to smoke grenades;
Fixed the incorrect display of adjustable magnification while using Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-12×50;
Fixed unnatural hand position during the animation of reloading of MP-443 Grach;
Scavs, Raiders and Rogues will no longer take positions close to players when engaging them;
Fixed animations freezes of Character in loading into the raid screen, on the Character page, in the Ragman’s
Service tab and the statistics page after the raid when Chiappa Rhino is equipped;
Fixed the significant damage reduction when shooting through Terragroup tarps.

If you bring certain items to the team ahead of time and try to give them to other players, they will be destroyed in the process of dropping them. When attempting to delete a restricted item, a warning dialog will appear with the text "WARNING! The following items will be permanently lost.

Player tries to discard it from their inventory and ignores the warning
Player places it in their backpack, pockets, or chest rig, and gets killed by another player or tries to drop any container/backpack/chest rig containing this limited item
If a player dies, the limited items in their secure container will not be destroyed

This change will apply to the following items:

All barter items (with some permissions below)
Keys and Keycards
Specific armbands
Info items
Specific melee weapons (UVSR Taiga-1 survival machete, Red Rebel ice pick, Miller Bros. Blades M-2 Tactical Sword, Kiba Arms Tactical Tomahawk)

Items that can be discarded in limited quantities:

Roubles – 20 000
Golden neck chain – 3 pcs
Gunpowder “Kite” – 3 pcs
Toolset – 2pcs
Roler Submariner gold wrist watch – 1 pc
Paracord – 1pc
Silicone tube – 1pc
Injectors – 1 pc each type

Players have always faced various complicated situations in Escape from Tarkov. This decision by Battlestate Games prevented some people from winning by cheating, which greatly improved the fairness of the game. If you're just a casual player, you can still Buy EFT Roubles on, which will save you a lot of time.