Most of the time, your raid performance depends on your graphics settings, a variable sometimes triggered by determining eyesight or gaming performance. Graphics settings have been added in recent updates, and the balance between performance and graphics is very important when it comes to games you win or lose. On top of that, you'll need a ton of EFT Money to upgrade your gear.

In patch, Escape from Tarkov finally got NVIDIA DLSS capabilities, so we must raise awareness and talk more about users running RTX GPUs. Currently, there are 4 active DLSS levels in Escape from Tarkov. They are Quality, Balance and Performance, with Ultra Performance greyed out.

How does DLSS generally work?

Nvidia DLSS takes over the predefined antialiasing and sharpening settings, all in pursuit of larger DLSS. Generally speaking, the higher the pixels you run your game at, the better it will look when it comes to Nvidia DLSS. Nvidia DLSS forces the game to run at a lower resolution and, through its AI algorithms, tries to create a scene as if the game were running at a higher resolution.

Quality Mode

Filter quality rather than performance, with minimal impact on the image itself. Keep in mind that even this DLSS mode will blur your game, although it should produce a sharper image than the other three modes. So if your PC is already capable of running games at 1440p without any DLSS modes, then you should consider whether you should run DLSS.

Balance Mode

If you're looking for equality between quality and performance, a balance might be the way to go. Still, in short, it's filled with a rather blurry scene, like in any other game. The balance will naturally give you a higher FPS boost than quality. Typically, 4K gamers benefit the most.

Performance Mode

Usually, the choice is for older players who have trouble running the game at a normal level. It sacrifices visuals for a bigger performance gain by making it more blurry and blurry. Not at a level where you can't see anything, but still more accurate than mass and balance modes.

Ultra Performance Mode

Currently, this option is vague, and it's best to keep it that way. All I would say is "just don't". No matter what kind of PC you're running. This option is best for 8K players as it only comes with high pixels. If you're running Tarkov at a stable FPS around 80-120, you don't even need DLSS. Finding the enemy is more important. If you're looking for an FPS boost, just head over to maps like Labs and Factory and have fun.

In Escape from Tarkov, it's all about balance. The balance between performance and visibility is undoubtedly the most important. Having a satisfying number of FPS while being able to designate your enemies pays off. We have experimented with all graphics settings on each map, measuring and evaluating performance and visibility.

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