2020 Cheap Jordans, In the past two years, due to the epidemic, the factory lines of major brands have been affected to varying degrees, which has led to repeated delays in the release dates of some shoes that have attracted much attention as soon as they were exposed, such as this pair of Air Jordan 4 "Zen Master" . It has been postponed since March, and there is no letter of approval for the release until today. However, there is a widely circulated saying in the game circle that "no one remembers those games that were released on time", which is also applicable in the shoe circle. No, there are several pairs of "ruthless goods" that have updated the release information. Let's take a look with the editor to see which pairs of shoes and shoes will be paid for in the second half of the year! The first is this pair of Air Jordan 4 "first machine", because the color matching is similar to EVA's first machine, this pair of "purple suede" AJ4 has earned enough attention as soon as it was exposed. The long suede upper brings great texture, and the tongue lining and the orange of the trapeze logo bring more color layers. It is currently confirmed to be officially released in the form of WMNS on August 11.
New Jordan 2020, The second pair is the Air Jordan 1 High OG "Chenille", which was exposed early. The upper is in a classic white and red color scheme, and the upper is shown in gray, which is a bit like the Chicago Air Jordan 1. The tongue is made of corduroy, the lining is terry fleece, and the sides of the shoe are made of chenille Swoosh in the "Chenille" color scheme. It is currently confirmed to be officially released in the form of WMNS on July 23. Finally, this pair of Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS "Starfish", WNBA star Isabel Harrison, who just joined Jordan Brand not long ago, has a pair of laces for this pair of shoes. The body of the shoe is based on clean white, and the frame is decorated with orange. It is currently confirmed to be officially released in the form of WMNS on September 22.
New Jordan Release, As the most popular joint series in recent years, sacai x Nike is still promoting new product releases. There are not only expensive styles, but also people-friendly shoe styles that can be bought around the original price. The choice is quite rich. This year, another new shoe type is about to debut, and the latest physical object has been released recently. Continues the overlapping deconstruction design method, and like the previous sacai joint name, superimposes a variety of classic shoe shapes. It can be clearly seen that this new shoe type is based on the Forrest Gump Cortez as the main model. The double Swoosh of the upper and the multi-layered design of the midsole are the same as the previous joint names. If you look closely, you can see that this shoe also hides elements of other shoe shapes. The neckline is double-layered, and the inner layer looks like a direct copy of the design of early Nike running shoes such as Daybreak. And come in classic navy + white. This time, the sacai finally has an air cushion, and the forefoot is equipped with the same two left and right zoom configurations as the Air Zoom Type. It is reported that it will be released this year, but there is still no exact date for release.