You'll encounter your first Engravings around level 30, but you can't actually use them until level 50. Engravings are a powerful bonus that you can tailor to the style of the game by customizing your character. And you can also unlock a lot of generic Engravings for all classes, as well as two class-specific Engravings for each class.

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Destroyer's Engravings are: Rage Hammer and Gravity Training. Rage Hammer can increase the critical strike damage and critical strike chance of Gravity Release skills based on the number of Gravity Cores consumed. Gravity Training can increase attack power and crit rate by granting passive Gravity Meter generation in Hypergravity mode.

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Generic Engravings are also very flexible, but some options are better: Supercharge can increase the damage of Charge Skills; Barricade can increase damage while shielded; Master Brawler can increase Head Attack damage; Grudge and Cursed Doll can increase damage by taking damage and healing penalties to greatly increase damage.

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