With the arrival of the summer of 2022, Lost Ark has also launched a summer event. The latest summer event is held on Lost Ark Heartbeat Island. The open game world is full of adventure and excitement. Let's enjoy the Heartbeat Island journey together.

How to Get to Lost Ark Heartbeat Island

When the player character level reaches 50 and the item level is 250, each major city will see Jollous, the festival expert, and the location of Heartbeat Island can be found by interacting with Jollous. It is located between Anikka and South or West of Pleccia.

There are some requirements to reach Heartbeat Island in the game. Your character needs to be at least level 50 and item level 250. Players need more Lost Ark Gold upgrades. Once your character reaches the recommended level, you need to find the location of Heartbeat Island.

You can find its location by interacting with Jollous. He is a festival specialist and can be found in every major city in the game. Or, if you already know the location, you can go directly to the island. It is located between Anikka and South or West of Pleccia.

How to Participate in Heartbeat Island Summer Events

After entering Heartbeat Island, communicate with Jollous and he will assign you a task called "[Event] Hotter and Hotter". Only after completing this quest will you be able to access the rest of the summer event.

Missions require several steps for the character to complete

Play the Song of Valor for Jollus.
Perform the Dance, Umarka, or Sway Emote for Jollus.
Perform the Cheer emote as Jollus dances.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 50 Summer Festival Coins. Apart from that, we have other daily tasks. There will be Summer Festival Coins rewards for unfinished tasks. After completing all tasks, you will get 300 Coins. These tasks are:

Don’t You Worry: Lie down on one of the sunbeds for 30 seconds.
A Song For You: Stand near the musician and watch her play for 30 seconds.
Tranquil as the Sea: Go to the docks and listen to the waves for 30 seconds.

Cooperative mission

In addition to the daily quests of the Summer Festival, you can also participate in co-op quests. You can start these co-op missions every hour in the game. The most common is 10 minutes before the start of the hour. There are two co-op missions, described below:

The Very Best Dance: Dance with the Umarka emote and Sway emote while standing in the yellow circles. You have to use each of these emotes 20 times.
Shining Night of Artesia: The second quest is a boss fight. However, the caveat is that you have to kill it using a glowstick. Also, you can only use basic attacks to damage the boss. These glowsticks can be found in the arena. The total health of the boss is around 4,000. Whenever the boss's health drops by 100 points, it rewards everyone that is fighting the boss with 4-8 Summer Festival Coins. The reward for clearing the boss is 450 Silver.

With Summer Festival Coins, you can get a variety of good Lost Ark Items to choose from. There is a wide variety from card packs to honing materials. Unused items can also be sold for Lost Ark Gold, however, in the game, we always need Gold.

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