What is Lost Ark Rovlen

Lost Ark Rovlen is the world boss of the Luttera continent, the world boss is the strongest of these monsters, Rovlen is a plant-type monster that appeared after looting moon fragments in a chain war. The shard then unleashes chaotic energy and becomes a product of dark magic.

Rovlen is a level 25 world boss, if your character is not strong enough, you can join other players, or you can avoid it first, use Lost Ark Gold to upgrade your character, and increase your item level before going to fight it.

Where is the Lost Ark Rovlen Boss?

The world leader Rovren is a carnivorous plant-type monster in the Lost Ark, located in the Birbrin Forest area west of Lutra. It spawns in a small alcove near the Ashhammer Dungeon. When you look around the ground, you'll find some sticky paper that says you're in the right place.

Once you arrive at the location, you may not be able to find it, because, before you, someone may have come to fight, Rovlen spawns every 30 minutes, you can ask it in the world chat first if it is spawning and you are currently in. The server is different and you can change it from the top of the minimap. Just be patient and wait for it to spawn again to defeat it.

How to beat the Lost Ark Rovlen Boss

World bosses are very dangerous monsters, RPGStash strongly recommends that you do not fight the Rovlen Boss alone, the battle takes place in a very narrow space, Rovlen will attack from a distance in that small space, and if you do not successfully dodge its attacks, then you will take high damage and be stunned for a while. It's a good idea to have at least two players to help you defeat the world boss Rovlen.

The most frustrating thing is that Rovlen will form an indestructible shield in front of him and spawn tentacles to fight with you, it will not be damaged by any attack, in this invincible stage, the player should only focus on destroying the tentacles.

Shields do not drop until the tentacles are destroyed. If you don't destroy the Tentacle fast enough, Rovlen can heal himself by hiding behind a shield. Destroying tentacles quickly is the player's goal, but please don't use all your abilities, or your abilities will go on cooldown when it's time to deal damage to entities.

Rovlen Boss Battle Rewards

Defeating world bosses is important to your character in the game. Because the rewards you can get when you kill the world BOSS can help your character improve a lot. When you kill someone for the first time, you get all the rewards they have to offer.

After that, when you defeat these world bosses, you won't have a 100% chance of getting all items. Possible rewards are:

Secret map of treasure
Rovlen card
Rovlen's Tentacle
Eternity Essence
Epic gear
Epic Accessory
Magick Keeper Glover
Tangled Aeon Necklace

It is worth mentioning that the Secret map of treasure will guide you on a treasure hunt, reach the area on the map, and you can get rewards, it will help your character to further improve. Rovlen's Tentacle will also mutate into wriggling tentacle sashimi after 30 minutes, eat it and it will increase your adventure progress.

The World Boss is the most difficult challenge in Lost Ark, which also means that the rewards will be richer. If you also want to challenge the World Boss, please be patient to upgrade your character. If you don't have enough time for Farming Gold, it's the most convenient and efficient way to quickly buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold from rpgstash.com to get help with the upgrade.

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