How to become pro at PUBG?

Johnny Alex
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2022-01-05 09:09:44

I was so worried about my gameplay from past 3 weeks! I was not able to take any chicken dinner and searched a lot of blogs and videos to become pro. Until I found Best PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners and after reading and following all its tips, I have K/D ratio of 4 with 79 won matches. If anybody have more tips to advise, please reply!

Donald Riskell
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2022-05-17 04:17:08

Each player has their own style. To complement your style of play, you'll need unique weaponry. So, attempt to learn about the weapons in PUBG and how to use them effectively. All you have to do is experiment with different weapons in the game to learn about them. As you learn and master various weapons, you will be able to choose the ideal ones to fit your gaming style. Professional gamers do not fool around with their guns, vehicles, or gear. By the way, if you want to play a game like this, more to see at Nerd's Magazine or visit this link -

Digital Sen
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Are you like Pubg and want to become the Pubg you need to use the VPN. VPN can give you the fastest speed of Network and also provide security to your network or mask the ID that can give help you to play games without any lagging. With help of a VPN, you can also play games with different server people. I used expressvpn/ which can help me to determine the best VPN at the best price.

William Titu
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