The Society has one purpose, which is to promote kaitiakitanga in Aotearoa. * In an effort to uphold the mana of our name, Ngā Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Inc is a "name and shame"- free zone. Posts that name and shame others will be removed without notice. * Ngā Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Inc hopes to be one of the most successful groups of its kind in New Zealand and this will be largely due to the attitude and behaviour of its members and administrators. As such, admin reserve the right to remove members when there is sufficient proof that they could be harmful to the group, the group's reputation or any of its members. Ngā Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Inc is more than just a group. It's a way of life and we challenge all of our members to adopt this attitude both inside and out of this group. N.B. this page is for Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho business, so please post relevant material only. arohamai. Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Incorporated Society was constituted by resolution on 25 November 2018, and granted incorporation on 18 December. Refer to the Companies Office website, under the Incorporated Societies Register, number 2724072.
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