The New Zealand Natural Liberation Party. As we move forward, views on specific topics that are close to the heart will appear and are a general stance on these issues. We are here to look out for you, to protect your rights, privacy and freedoms for the citizens of New Zealand. No Asset Sales, as our government enterprises belong to us. Invest in locally owned small businesses or start ups, while ensuring our government enterprises are always moving forward in the right direction. Place conditions on off shore buyers toward the purchasing of housing, land or businesses within New Zealand. Work toward a self sufficient country, and where every family or business who also calls New Zealand home can successfully go off grid without any issues or extra red tape from local government. Banning Aerial 1080, which is an indiscriminate way to go and it's not directly targeting the problems facing our native species. Work and Income Reform, with investing by the government to create jobs within our local or national parks sector and in many cases along side DOC to eradicate unwanted pests whether it be plant or animal species. Remove Ourselves From The TPPA, and support our locals over any corporation. Work toward keeping our money in the country, with regard to previous statements made above and this is by way of investing in our own. Work toward building back our reputation as a clean green New Zealand. Ensure the use Fracking never enters our shores. Ensure the prospecting for a fossil fuel such as oil is halted immediately. Invest in our own solar farms with the creation of a national enterprise with technologies to support this field and ensure these are affordable for everyday New Zealanders. By all means, if you have any issues or concerns, please raise the question.
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